Bernd Brunner

Inventing the North – The Short History of a Direction

Die Erfindung des Nordens

Inventing the North – The Short History of a Direction

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Until the modern era, perception of the North was mostly negative. The decisive turn in attitude came in the second half of the 18th century, when British, German and French writers began to take an interest in the Old Icelandic sagas, the epic of Ossian, and Viking heritage. Many Romantics turned away from sources of classical antiquity towards an indeterminate North. Also, the sublime beauty of the Scottish highlands, Iceland, and Scandinavia was recognized, helping to make these places travel destinations.

This book shows how this change in attitude played out in travel journals and writing about the North-South dichotomy. Adoration of the North and its people reached its zenith in Germany when the Nazis appropriated it for their ideology.

Inventing the North offers a wide range of encounters and storylines with a lively attention to detail, written in a compact and often surprising narrative.

An entertaining, informative and eye-opening work of non-fiction for the general public

Non-Fiction/Cultural History


ISBN: 978-3-86971-192-8
release: 12. September 2019
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About the Author

Bernd Brunner, born in 1964, writes widely acclaimed, highly entertaining books at the interface of culture and the history of science. Most recently, Galiani published The Art of Lying Down (2012), Birdmania (2015) and Winterlust (2016). His books have been translated into numerous languages.