Rudi Palla

In Snow and Ice. The Himalaya Expedition of the Mountaineering Brothers Schlagintweit

In Schnee und Eis

In Snow and Ice. The Himalaya Expedition of the Mountaineering Brothers Schlagintweit

The breathtaking adventure of three brothers who in the mid-19th century led an expedition to the Himalaya

The brothers Schlagintweit were protégés of Alexander von Humboldt and led an East India Company expedition to the Himalayas. They were the first Europeans to stand at the base of Nanga Parbat and the first people ever to scale a height of 6,785 meters, and they surveyed the country – and its people – with great precision. Disguised as locals, the brothers forged ahead into areas whose entry is under penalty of death – and one of them actually did pay for it with his life. Yet what they brought back from the expedition is impressive: 14,777 items in 510 wooden boxes – more material than they’d ever be able to appraise in their lifetimes. Yet the experts remained largely unmoved by their research; envious Brits ridiculed them and refused to take them seriously at all as researchers because of one mistake. Nevertheless, the brothers persisted: Virtually to their very last breath, they continued to take stock of and process the greatest adventure of their lives.



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release: 14. February 2019
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About the Author

Rudi Palla, born in Vienna in 1941, works as a freelance writer. His publications include Verschwundene Arbeit (1994, new edition 2014), Unter Bäumen. Reisen zu den größten Lebewesen (2006), Kurze Lebensläufe der Narren (2008) and Der Kapitän & der Künstler. Die Erforschung der Terra Australis (2013), among others. Galiani Berlin recently published Valdivia (2016), in which he tells the story of the first German deep-sea expedition and its aftermath in a book that Frank Schätzing praised for being “as suspenseful as a thriller.” Rudi Palla was himself a mountain climber and is well versed in the subject.