Lisa Ortgies

How to Age Gracefully

Ich möchte gern in Würde altern, aber doch nicht jetzt

How to Age Gracefully

A brilliantly self-ironic, warm and smart approach to middle age

One morning, Lisa Ortgies wakes up in an emergency room that looks surprisingly similar to the ones you see on TV, except that it is real. While visiting New York, she has a heart attack and is brought to a hospital. How can this be happening – at just fifty years old? For her, this marks the moment to take a closer look at her life and that of her peers, the middle-agers.

The curious thing about middle age is that we have just as many questions as we had when we were teenagers. Do these skinny jeans fit me? Am I going to get in trouble if I pull an all-nighter – and should I do it anyway? Why not have a third child? Or a second husband? Shouldn’t I take care of some refugees at some point, too? Should I do mindfulness training? Or sign my kids up for it? How do I look in my attempts to stay young? Never before has a generation had so many opportunities to experiment – which doesn’t make things easier. The road to middle age takes us across treadmills past chia-seed fields and Bikram yoga studios onto climbing walls and through couples counseling.

With verve and a great deal of self-irony, Lisa Ortgies writes about men and women who want to do everything right but sometimes find themselves facing tough choices: Do I want to do everything, or do I want to do what I do right?



ISBN: 978-3-462-04995-4
release: 12. April 2018
256 pages, Flexcover


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About the Author

Lisa Ortgies, born in 1966, worked for various magazines and the NDR Culture Magazine. She was a columnist for EMMA and has been hosting the program “frauTV” on the television channel WDR for twenty years. In 2014, she received the Luise Büchner Prize for journalism.