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#4 Best Crime Novels April 2018 (FAS/Deutschlandfunk Kultur)
Shortlisted for the SERAPH 2019 Award in the category Best Book

If artificial intelligence can solve the world’s problems – are we ready to give up control?

At the end of the 21st century, Londoner Galahad Singh works as a quaestor. His job is to find people who have disappeared – of which there are many, since climate change has triggered mass migration and innovative technologies like the holonet and mind-uploading have made it possible to change your own identity as easily as a pair of shoes. Singh is hired to find the brilliant software developer Juliette Perrotte, who developed encryption for so-called cogits: digital brains with whose help you can upload yourself into other bodies. It soon turns out that Perrotte was in contact with a brilliant programmer and together, they were on the trail of a major secret. The programmer seems to have kidnapped Perrotte. The deeper Singh dives into the story, the more he comes to doubt that his opponent is human…

Thriller / Science-Fiction


ISBN: 978-3-462-05149-0
release: 15. February 2018
560 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Tom Hillenbrand, born in 1972, studied European politics, was a trainee at the Holtzbrinck School of Journalism and worked as an editor at Spiegel online. His novels and non-fiction titles have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and have been featured on both the Spiegel and Zeit bestseller lists. For his crime novel Drohnenland (“Drone Land”) he received the Glauser Award 2015 for Best Crime Novel and the Kurt Laßwitz Award 2015 for Best Science Fiction Novel. Among others, his books include the crime novels Teufelsfrucht (“Devil’s Fruit”), Rotes Gold (“Red Gold”) and most recently the historical adventure novel Der Kaffeedieb (“The Coffee Thief”). His books sold over 600,000 copies (as per January 2018).