Kathrin Schmidt

Go-In of the Belladonnas

Go-In der Belladonnen

Go-In of the Belladonnas

When female-molting once again approaches history and gender, bodies and the codes of our experience, a glance that turns language into “fremdwörterhaus” (“foreign-word-house”), the “kleinhausordnung” (“small-house-rules”) of childhood: These are the themes around which Kathrin Schmidt’s writing turns – and not just her poetry, though this is where she initially tests her models, with concision, sass, intellect and not without melancholy. “im oberwasser berlins ein rumoren: breitblättrig, außer fasson, schlägt die zunge ein rad” (“in berlin’s headwater a rumbling: wide-leafed, out of fashion, the tongue does a cartwheel”) reads a line from the title poem, and where the unshackled language subsequently ventures is determined by history and by how the explosive powers of the history of the body – and what forcefully curbs them, “aus all meinen schießscharten“ (“from all my embrasures”) – are seen. With a great wealth of forms, these new poems attest to the individuality and intensity of the poet Kathrin Schmidt.

This child too
has learned the roly-poly, the kiss-my, the merely,
the blood-in-the-shoe-metaphor, the classic o –
this child too came along, rode away, scared
and instrumentalized, blossoming and blanching, a trap.
this child too has grown a head, a crop and a little pout,
the family added a little hat:
and off you go now


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About the Author

Kathrin Schmidt, born in Gotha in 1958, has worked as a psychologist, editor and social scientist. She has received numerous awards, including the 1993 Leonce and Lena Prize. Her novel Die Gunnar-Lennefsen-Expedition, published in 1998, was awarded the Heimito von Doderer Advancement Award and the 1998 Province of Carinthia Prize at the Ingeborg Bachmann Competition. In 2009, she received the SWR Top Ten List award and the German Book Prize for her novel Du stirbst nicht (You’re Not Going To Die). In 2016 she was nominated for the Wilhelm Raabe Prize and was awarded the Christine Lavant Prize. She lives in Berlin. Her work was translated into numerous languages.

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