Nunu Kaller

Fuck Beauty!

Fuck Beauty!

Fuck Beauty!

Too fat? Too thin? Too unfeminine? Too much? Too loud? Too clumsy? It’s hard to believe, but 96 percent of all women worldwide think there’s something wrong with them; only four percent believe they are truly beautiful. What in the world is going on here?

Nunu Kaller also knows what it’s like not to feel attractive enough – ever since she was a little girl. Based on her own experience, she examines the question of why more and more women do not feel comfortable in their own skin. Why so many of them are obsessively busy with “beautifying” themselves. Authentically, honestly and with a great deal of humor, Kaller writes about how she learned to give up struggling with her own flaws and the obsession with self-perfection. And she invites us all to take a more loving approach to our appearance. Now. Not just when we’ve lost or gained 10 pounds. Because it isn’t just a question of beauty, but of your attitude towards life: When you love yourself, you radiate it – and have better experiences!

A critical and self-ironic report about our obsession with beauty

Lifestyle/Body positivity


ISBN: 978-3-462-05117-9
release: 11. January 2018
256 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Nunu Kaller, was born in Lower Austria in 1981 and grew up in Vienna. She studied journalism, English language and literature, and contemporary history. After graduating, she was on the online politics desk of Die Presse for two years before moving to the world of NGOs, working for an environmental organization in Vienna. She now works for a social business. Nunu Kaller lives in Vienna.

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