Tom Hillenbrand

Fruit of the Devil (Xavier Kieffer 1)


Fruit of the Devil (Xavier Kieffer 1)

#1 on the Luxemburg Bestseller list!
Movie starring Moritz Bleibtreu as Xavier Kieffer is in preparation

Former star chef Xavier Kieffer has turned his back on haute cuisine and now runs a small restaurant in Luxemburg town. Here he serves traditional dishes like Huesenziwwi, Bouneschlupp and Riesling paschtéit. His restaurant is very popular among the European politicians, working in the city during the week, as well as among the locals. His best friend Pekka Vatanen often joins him for juicy chicken, veal scallops in raisin gravy or jugged hare.

One day, a famous restaurant critic from Paris drops dead in the restaurant – and suddenly Kieffer finds himself suspected of murder. Then his former boss, Paul Boudier, disappears without a trace and Kieffer decides to take the matter into his own hands.
His investigations take him to Paris and Geneva, he discovers a mysterious and exceptionally tasty fruit, encounters ruthless food corporations and meets an egomaniacal TV cook and the attractive Valérie. Kieffer becomes more and more entangled in the highly competitive and quality-obsessed gourmet world – and eventually realises what is at stake.

In an exciting showdown and risking his own life, he solves the case and uncovers the scandalous methods of food industry and the fierce competition among star chefs.

Culinary Mystery


ISBN: 978-3-462-04287-0
release: 18. April 2011
304 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Tom Hillenbrand, born in 1972, studied European politics, volunteered at the Holtzbrinck School of Journalism and worked for Spiegel online. His non-fiction and novels – including culinary thrillers with Luxembourg chef Xavier Kieffer as investigator – have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, have been translated to numerous languages and have been included on both the Spiegel and Zeit bestseller lists. His novel Drohnenland received, among other awards, the Friedrich Glauser Prize for best crime novel of the year.