Karen Duve

Fraulein Nette’s Brief Summer

Fräulein Nettes kurzer Sommer

Fraulein Nette’s Brief Summer

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Düsseldorfer Literature Prize 2019

A young poetess who refuses to toe the line and a disastrous emotional entanglement – Karen Duve’s mercilessly realistic account of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff’s life story

Twenty-three years old, fierce, stubborn and sassy, Fräulein Nette is the black sheep that refuses to fit in with the herd of her aristocratic relatives. While her aunts and cousins sit dutifully by the fireplace embroidering, she ventures into the marl pits armed with a pickaxe to quarry for minerals. The hems of her dresses are basically perpetually soiled. But the worst thing is her sharp tongue. When her uncle August’s artist friends come to Bökerhof to talk about art and politics, she weighs in, uninvited. The mere sight of her sends Wilhelm Grimm, on whom she has bestowed the nickname “Unwill,” into a panic. She is an enfant terrible – though apparently not in everyone’s eyes. Heinrich Straube, the brilliantly eccentric heart of the Göttingen guild of poets, for one, finds his best friend’s niece extremely compelling. And his overtures to her in the family greenhouse remain anything but unreciprocated. But he isn’t the only one. What ensues is a romantic catastrophe with a familial conflagration.



ISBN: 978-3-86971-138-6
release: 07. September 2018
592 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Karen Duve, born in Hamburg in 1961, lives in the Märkische Schweiz area of Brandenburg. She has won numerous awards. Her novels Regenroman (“Rain”), Dies ist kein Liebeslied (“This Is Not a Love Song”), Die entführte Prinzessin (“The Abducted Princess”) and Taxi were bestsellers and have been translated into 14 languages. In 2011, she published Anständig essen. Ein Selbstversuch (“Eating Well”) and, in 2014, the polemic Warum die Sache schiefgeht (“Why Things Go Wrong”). Her novel Macht (published in GB under the title “The Prepper Room”) received the Kassel Literary Prize for Grotesque Humor 2017 and her last novel Fräulein Nettes kurzer Sommer (“Fräulein Nette's Brief Summer”) received the Düsseldorfer Literature Prize 2019. Karen Duve was recently awarded with the Soluthurner Literatur Prize 2019 and the Carl-Amery Literature Prize 2019 for her multifaceted oeuvre.