Frank Goosen

Förster, My Förster

Förster, mein Förster

Förster, My Förster

Förster is a writer who has run out of ideas. For a long time now, the first sentence is all there’s been of his new book. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is galavanting around on the Outer Hebrides. Even at 70, his neighbor Dreffke still wears skimpy swimming trunks, but what he coughs up doesn’t look good. Fränge and Brocki, whom Förster has known since his schooldays, aren’t doing much better either. One of them is about to blow up his marriage, the other is faltering in the face of the challenges of modern life. And then there’s the poor little rich kid, Finn. All of them just really need to get away for a bit. As luck would have it, Förster’s addled neighbor, Mrs. Strobel, the geriatric saxophonist, receives a letter from the past. All six drive to the Baltic Sea in Fränge’s old Bulli to attend the reunion concert of the Schmidt Dance Band – and, above all, to face the future with the baggage of their past in tow.

Between absurd humor and delicate melancholy, Frank Goosen once again proves himself a brilliant observer of interpersonal relationships



ISBN: 978-3-462-04892-6
release: 18. February 2016
336 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Frank Goosen has published many successful books, including Raketenmänner, Sommerfest and Liegen lernen, as well as numerous short stories and columns in national publications and various anthologies. In addition, he has adapted some of his texts for solo performances, with which he tours Germany. Several of his books have been dramatized or adapted for the screen. Frank Goosen lives with his wife and two sons in Bochum.

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