Tim Krohn

Erich Wyss Practices Freefall

Erich Wyss übt den freien Fall

Erich Wyss Practices Freefall

“A hilarious, addictive collection of stories […] a compelling, warm book that makes the reader yearn for more.” New Books in German on Herr Brechbühl sucht eine Katze, the first book in the trilogy about the inhabitants of an apartment complex in Zurich

The summer of 2001 is a hot one in Zurich. A visit from Efgenia Costa’s family causes a lot of fish odor, turmoil and annoyance in the stairwell. But then things get really serious: A sudden death and news of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center have surprising consequences for the 11 tenants of this apartment building: The actress Selina May finds out that her film project is being postponed, Julia loses contracts, Pit is making music again. Moritz doesn’t travel to New York as planned; instead, Hubert Brechbühl spontaneously goes to Istanbul. With this volume, bestselling Swiss author Tim Krohn continues his large-scale literary exploration of the full range of human feelings, character traits and depths. Smartly, sensitively and sometimes mischievously he assigns 68 “human emotions” to the various characters. He lets three notions of “perfectionism” collide at Selina’s film rehearsals; brings together the very different women Efgenia Costa and Julia Sommer in the ambiguous “reading desire”; and sends the 81-year-old Erich Wyss on an emotional rollercoaster through “transvestitism,” “bloodlust,” “longing” and “playfulness.” With this volume, Tim Krohn’s lovable, totally normally eccentric tenants grow on the reader even more.



ISBN: 978-3-86971-151-5
release: 17. August 2017
496 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Tim Krohn, born in 1965, lives and works as a free-lance writer in Santa Maria Val Müstair. His novel Vrenelis Gärtli remained at the top of the Swiss bestseller list for many weeks. He was president of the Swiss Association of Writers and has received numerous prizes and scholarships.

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