Dogan Akhanli

Detention in Granada or: Is Turkey Drifting Towards Dictatorship?

Verhaftung in Granada

Detention in Granada or: Is Turkey Drifting Towards Dictatorship?

When Turkish authority extends all the way to Granada

19 August 2017, break of dawn: Spanish police officers drag Do?an Akhanl? out of his bed in a hotel room in Granada. He is brought to the station and the door to his cell is locked shut behind him – yet again: As though in a time warp, Akhanl? relives the months he spent in a prison in Istanbul where he was held beginning in August 2010. The absurd allegation that he participated in a robbery didn’t hold water in court and Akhanl? was allowed to return to Cologne. But then the acquittal was reversed and ever since there has been an arrest warrant out on him circulated by Interpol. He is not allowed to leave Spain until a decision has been made about his potential extradition to Turkey.

In this sensational and revealing book Akhanl? tells the story of his persecution; about his country of origin, Turkey, which Erdo?an is driving towards fascism; about the country he fled to, Germany; about Spain and its history of dictatorship; and about others who share his fate like the German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yücel, who has been imprisoned in Turkey since early 2017.



ISBN: 978-3-462-05183-4
release: 15. February 2018
224 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Dogan Akhanli was born in Turkey in 1957 and has been living and working as a writer in Cologne since 1992. He has written numerous novels and a play. In his novel Die Richter des jüngsten Gerichts (published in German, 2007) he broaches the issue of the Armenian genocide in 1915. His other books include Die Tage ohne Vater (published in German), Der letzte Traum der Madonna (published in Turkish, 2005), Fasilistan (published in Turkish, 2010), Sag ihr, dass ich sie liebe (published in Turkish, 2016). In 2013, he received the Pastor Georg Fritze Memorial Award in Cologne.

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