Lenz Koppelstätter

Death on the Glacier (Commissario Grauner 1)

Der Tote am Gletscher

Death on the Glacier (Commissario Grauner 1)

The glacier is not a place where people should be at night. It’s only a place for the ghosts of the dead, for storms and snow. But one night in December, Toni notices a strange light high up in the mountains – and shortly after discovers the body of a recluse, with an arrow in his shoulder. At almost the same place as where the world-famous prehistoric Iceman Ötzi – now kept at a Bolzano museum – was discovered many years ago. Also with an arrow in his shoulder.

Commissario Grauner, who would sometimes rather be a farmer, begins his investigations in the snow-covered Schnalstal. Assisted by Saltapepe, his young Ispettore from Naples, who still doesn’t understand what the locals see in the mountains. Impeded by village intrigues, silent locals, tourists merry on mulled wine, the criminal machinations of a ski-lift operator and curious traces of Ötzi, a highly compelling case unfolds – one that goes back into the distant past and presents the investigators with more and more puzzles.

Crime Novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-04728-8
release: 17. August 2015
320 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Lenz Koppelstätter, born in Bolzano in 1982, grew up in South Tyrol. After studying politics in Bologna and social sciences in Berlin he graduated from the German School of Journalism in Munich. He works as an author and media developer for numerous renowned publishers, magazines and newspapers. Der Tote am Gletscher (Death on the Glacier) was his first book and a big success with readers and critics alike.

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