Tom Hillenbrand

Deadly Olives (Xavier Kieffer 4)

Tödliche Oliven

Deadly Olives (Xavier Kieffer 4)

Olive oil is big business, especially for those who are willing to bend the rules…

Once a year, chef and epicurean Xavier Kieffer treats himself to a trip to Italy. Together with his old school friend, wine and oil dealer Alessandro Colao, he travels to Tuscany, takes part in wine tastings and drives back to Luxembourg several days later with a truck full of wine and oil.

But this time, the trip goes awry. His friend stands him up, but Kieffer later finds out that Alessandro did actually take off for Italy alone a few days earlier – and no one has heard anything from him since. He begins searching for him. But instead of finding Alessandro, he finds an abandoned mill, tanks filled with a strange-smelling olive oil and armed men in the process of pumping oil into a truck. Is the oil dealer involved in some shady business dealings? Can Kieffer find his friend before it’s too late?

Crime Novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-04695-3
release: 06. November 2014
320 pages, Broschur


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10,30 €

About the Author

Tom Hillenbrand, born in 1972, studied European politics, volunteered at the Holtzbrinck School of Journalism and worked for Spiegel online. His non-fiction and novels – including culinary thrillers with Luxembourg chef Xavier Kieffer as investigator – have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, have been translated to numerous languages and have been included on both the Spiegel and Zeit bestseller lists. His novel Drohnenland received, among other awards, the Friedrich Glauser Prize for best crime novel of the year.

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