Tom Hillenbrand

Dangerous Recommendations (Xavier Kieffer 5)

Gefährliche Empfehlungen

Dangerous Recommendations (Xavier Kieffer 5)

France’s legendary gastronomical “Guide Gabin” is throwing a rousing party at its new company museum in Paris, and the Luxembourg chef Xavier Kieffer is right in the middle of it. During the celebrations, one of the books on display disappears – an extremely rare edition of the “Guide Bleu” from 1939, only a handful of copies of which exist. Kieffer initiates the investigation. Soon, he discovers that this “bible of the gourmet scene” has already resulted in the deaths of several people. But what’s so dangerous about an over 70-year-old restaurant guide? What is the blue book’s secret?

Crime Novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-04922-0
release: 12. January 2017
416 pages, Broschur


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10,30 €

About the Author

Tom Hillenbrand, born in 1972, studied European politics, volunteered at the Holtzbrinck School of Journalism and worked for Spiegel online. His non-fiction and novels – including culinary thrillers with Luxembourg chef Xavier Kieffer as investigator – have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, have been translated to numerous languages and have been included on both the Spiegel and Zeit bestseller lists. His novel Drohnenland received, among other awards, the Friedrich Glauser Prize for best crime novel of the year.