Hatice Akyün

“Cursed Anatolian Mountain Goat Shit” or As My Father Would Say: Hello Anger, Good-bye Reason

Verfluchte anatolische Bergziegenkacke

“Cursed Anatolian Mountain Goat Shit” or As My Father Would Say: Hello Anger, Good-bye Reason

She learned German with the help of Grimm’s fairytales and says that her “heart is German and her soul Turkish.” Hatice Akyün is a Turk and a German, a Muslim and the mother of a daughter. She wasn’t forced to marry against her will and she doesn’t wear a headscarf.

Strange, incomprehensible, reasonable and completely nonsensical things happen in her German homeland, and sometimes the only thing that can help is a powerful curse: “Cursed Anatolian Mountain Goat Shit” – although, this curse is completely unheard of in Turkey. And because everyday life and politics are already complicated enough, she asks her Anatolian father to help her out with his inexhaustible wealth of proverbs.

With irony, humor and wit, Hatice Akyün writes about her daily German-Turkish routine, about life and politics in a complex and colorful Germany.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04699-1
release: 14. August 2014
224 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Hatice Akyün was born in 1969 in Akpinar Köyü in Anatolia. In 1972, she moved to Germany with her family, where she has lived ever since. She works as a journalist and has written for many publications including Der Spiegel, EMMA, taz and the Tagesspiegel, where her column “My Homeland” has appeared weekly since 2011. In 2005, Hatice Akyün published her debut One Hans with Hot Sauce which was adapted for the screen in 2012. Ali for Dessert was published in 2008 and Kisses for Kismet in 2013. Her blog, “Recently in a Parallel World”, was nominated for the Grimme Online Award and she received many other prizes, such as Duisburg’s Award for Tolerance and Moral Courage, the Berlin Integration Prize, and the Special Prize for Tolerance and Integration from the “Initiative Hauptstadt Berlin”. She lives in Berlin.