Heinrich Breloer

Brecht – Novel of His Life


Brecht – Novel of His Life

“I’ll show the world how it is – but how it really is.” In this book, Breloer turns this Brechtian manifesto on Brecht himself. And so, instead of introducing us to the classic author, he presents the human being, in the exciting, novel-like story of a life.

After his wild, anarchical beginnings as a poet and dramatist, after the global success of “The Threepenny Opera,” his flirtation with the communist party, his flight from the Nazis and his exile in America, Brecht turned the Berliner Ensemble on the Schiffsbauerdamm into an international success, became a point of heated political dispute in the divided Germany and is now heralded as a classic author the world over.

Over the course of decades, Breloer talked to Brecht’s companions – to lovers, family members and friends, his allies and those he spurned – wrote a magnificent book about it and made a film about Brecht’s life.



ISBN: 978-3-462-05198-8
release: 14. February 2019
528 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Heinrich Breloer, born in 1942, is one of the most important German film and television writers and directors. His movies – including about the RAF (“Todesspiel”), the Mann family (“Die Manns”) and Albert Speer (“Speer und Er”) – have won numerous prizes, including five Grimme Awards, an Emmy and the German Television Award. KiWi has published his books Todesspiel (“Deadly Game”) and Mallorca, ein Jahr (“Majorca, One Year”, with Frank Schauhoff).