Christiane Dreher

Between boule and making beds. My life in a French village

Zwischen Boule und Bettenmachen. Mein Leben in einem südfranzösischen Dorf

Between boule and making beds. My life in a French village

How many times do the French kiss when they meet? Twice? Three times? Are they really as spontaneous and the Germans as organised as the clichés have us believe? What’s it like for a German to live in a small village in the South of France?

When Christiane Dreher packed her bags and set off to do an internship on a French farm a few years ago, her original plan was to stay only for one year. But things turned out differently. She met the man of her dreams, Patrick, and has since married. And – although she would never have dreamed it – she has also switched to the hotel business. Together with her husband, she runs a small auberge in the French Maritime Alps.

With plenty of humour and empathy, she writes about her life in a tiny mountain village in the South of France. She describes the village shop that acts as an information centre, the annual slaughter festival that requires strong nerves and an ability to hold one’s drink, she writes about the sense of community, but also about cultural differences. What do they talk about when they’re eating, and how do French couples sleep on such narrow beds? Why do they like Black Forest Gateau, and how do you find a wedding dress if you’re not blessed with the ideal French figure?

With a feel for atmospheric detail and a wonderfully refreshing sense of humour, the author describes how she found a new home in France.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04092-0
release: 25. May 2009
240 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Christiane Dreher was born in 1962 in Heidelberg. After training to become a bookseller and studying book science in Mainz, she worked in_ Kiepenheuer & Witsch_’s production department from 2000 to 2005. Since then, she has lived in France, working for one year on an organic farm in the Maritime Alps. She has run a small auberge with her husband Patrick in a tiny village in the mountains of southern France. And now she lives in Cannes.