Irene Moessinger

Berlin Lies on the Sea

Berlin liegt am Meer

Berlin Lies on the Sea

The unusual life story of the founder of the Tempodrom, Berlin’s legendary event venue

In the 1980s, the young adventuress Irene Moessinger had the brilliant idea of buying an old circus tent with an inheritance she unexpectedly came into. Setting it up on the sandy wasteland of Pots-damer Platz in then West Berlin, she turned it into the Tempodrom dream factory. This was the place for young artists like Nina Hagen, Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Ärzte, Westbam, 3 Tornados and Meret Becker to try out their stuff, often for the first time. A unique art lab was born – one into which, not by chance, Wim Wenders had his angel soar in his iconic film Wings of Desire.

In her book Irene Moessinger writes not only about this project of a lifetime, but also takes her readers on an excursion through a life story that shows how it is often precisely the unexpected twists that bring magic to our lives. As the daughter of an enterprising mother the author spent her childhood in the South of Spain, Andalusia, in a world of nuns, toreros and artists. This magical childhood came to an abrupt end in the austere boarding school of Salem. She then escaped to West Berlin in the 1970s where she led a double life as a nurse and squatter. Moessinger’s wildly colorful circus tent quickly became the hotbed of “Berlin culture”. The only problem was that it was located too close to the chancellery for Helmut Kohl’s comfort. In the end, the Tempodrom affair shook Berlin – and gave Moessinger a chance to set out for new shores.



ISBN: 978-3-86971-160-7
release: 16. August 2018
464 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Irene Moessinger, born in 1949, spent her childhood in Andalusia and her teenage years on Lake Constance. In 1970, she moved to West Berlin, where she lived in a squat. For many years, she worked as a nurse in the intensive care unit of the Urban Hospital. In 1980, together with friends, she founded the Tempodrom, which she directed for 25 years. Today, she does therapeutic work with horses on the outskirts of Berlin, based on a method that she developed.