Hanns Zischler

Berlin is too big for Berlin

Berlin ist zu groß für Berlin

Berlin is too big for Berlin

“Learning by walking” is his motto: For over forty years Hanns Zischler has been on the move through Berlin on foot or by bike and through time he has developed a particular view of the city and its history.

One observation stands out: this city that was once built on sand and swamp has always had a certain mixture of thirst for expansion, delusions of grandeur and the desire for self-destruction. Or how else can one describe it when almost all of the existing Baroque ensemble “Unter den Linden” falls prey to architect Schinkel’s plans? Or Hitler/Speer’s office and their Germania Plan – if the war had not happened, following their orders the demolition ball would have wreaked just as much havoc.

Hanns Zischler transports his readers into a less known Berlin, when he entangles his walks with the likes of the poet Gertrud Kolmar and the passport forger Oskar Huth, and looks through their eyes at a Berlin that has since disappeared.

He lets you feel the spirits and history of the city when he walks on the Teufelsberg where you only have to dig into the earth slightly to come across broken fragments, zinc plates and bricks – the remains of Berlin’s tenements destroyed in the war. Who knows what even larger secrets lie dormant within Teufelsberg?

Cultural History / Travel


ISBN: 978-3-86971-071-6
release: 09. March 2013
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About the Author

Hanns Zischler, born in 1947, has worked for many years as a publicist in addition to his career as an actor. His books include Kafka geht ins Kino (“Kafka Goes to the Movies”, 1996), a work of research that was translated into many languages. His most recent books are Der Schmetterlingskoffer (“The Butterfly Case”, illustrated by Hanna Zeckau, 2010) and Berlin ist zu groß für Berlin (“Berlin is Too Big for Berlin”, 2013). In 2013, Hanns Zischler was awarded the “Preis der Literaturhäuser”.