Roman Voosen, Kerstin Signe Danielsson

Archangel (Nyström-Forss 6)


Archangel (Nyström-Forss 6)

A forgotten case and a horrific crime – faith, obsession and occultism.

Inspectors Ingrid Nyström and Stina Forss stumble on discrepancies in an old case of a young man who killed himself. In the early 1990s, the alleged suicide was the main suspect in one of Sweden’s most horrible crimes, in which six young people, all members of a band, lost their lives. The complicated investigation leads the two very different women into the depths of a dark subculture, on the border between faith and fanatical religiosity, from snowy Småland to the rugged west coast to the dark shafts of an iron ore mine in Kiruna in northern Sweden. When medieval churches go up in flames near Växjö and one of their colleagues is seriously injured, Nyström and Forss are forced to recognize that this case is far from solved – quite to the contrary, it is red hot and life threatening.

Crime Novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-05137-7
release: 07. June 2018
496 pages, Broschur


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About the Authors

Roman Voosen was born in 1973, grew up in Papenburg, and has studied and worked in Bremen, Växjö and Göteborg.

Kerstin Signe Danielsson was born (1983) and grew up in Växjö. She has studied and worked in Germany and Sweden.

Voosen and Danielsson live and write together in the Swedish province of Småland.