Roman Voosen, Kerstin Signe Danielsson

A Coffin for Snow White (Nyström-Forss 7)


A Coffin for Snow White (Nyström-Forss 7)

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The seventh case for Ingrid Nyström and her young colleague Stina Forss

Sweden, 1972: During a wedding party, the beautiful, young bride disappears without a trace. Almost 50 years later, her skeletal corpse reappears in a glass sarcophagus at the opening of an exhibition. Ingrid Nyström and Stina Forss take over the investigation, which soon turns its focus on three family businesses, all owners of glassworks. But the deeper into the past that Nyström and Forss dig, the more contradictory and mysterious the things they unearth seem to be.

Crime Novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-05247-3
release: 06. June 2019
496 pages, Broschur


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About the Authors

Roman Voosen was born in 1973, grew up in Papenburg, and has studied and worked in Bremen, Växjö and Göteborg.

Kerstin Signe Danielsson was born (1983) and grew up in Växjö. She has studied and worked in Germany and Sweden.

Voosen and Danielsson live and write together in the Swedish province of Småland.