Recent titles

Archangel (Nyström-Forss 6)

Roman Voosen, Kerstin Signe Danielsson

Archangel (Nyström-Forss 6)Erzengel

Broschur, release: 07. June 2018

A forgotten case and a horrific crime – faith, obsession and occultism.

Inspectors Ingrid Nyström and Stina Forss stumble on discrepancies in an old case of a young man who killed himself. In the early 1990s, the alleged suicide was the main suspect in one of Sweden’s most ...

The Tyranny of the Butterfly

Frank Schätzing

The Tyranny of the ButterflyDie Tyrannei des Schmetterlings

gebunden mit SU, release: 24. April 2018

Cornucopia of wishes? Or Pandora’s box?

Luther Opoku is the sheriff of Sierra County, a sleepy gold mining region in the California Mountains, where he has to deal with petty crimes, the manufacture of illicit drugs and a constant lack of staff. Three hundred miles further west in ...

Heavy Bones

David Schalko

Heavy BonesSchwere Knochen

gebunden mit SU, release: 12. April 2018

A crime epic about the most notorious gangsters of the postwar period, inspired by real events

Vienna, March 1938, the day of the “Anschluss” – the annexation of Austria into the Third Reich. Whilst half of Vienna is cheering its new Führer on the Heldenplatz, Ferdinand Krutzler ...

The World Explorer. In Search of Georg Forster

Frank Vorpahl

The World Explorer. In Search of Georg Forster Der Welterkunder

gebunden mit SU, release: 12. April 2018

An astute study of one of the most fascinating figures in German intellectual history.

Georg Forster was a revolutionary, freethinker, naturalist and philosopher who sailed around the globe. His life was as dramatic as it was rich; already as a young man, he traveled with James Cook, ...