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The Dead of Marnow

Holger Karsten Schmidt

The Dead of MarnowDie Toten von Marnow

Flexcover, release: 16. January 2020

Marnow, a picturesque town in the Mecklenburg Lake District, lies under a blanket of sweltering heat. Commissioners Frank Elling and Lona Mendt are investigating a murder. The motive seems clear, solving the crime just a question of time. Yet nothing is as it seems. The motive is revealed to ...

Second Guilt or the Burden of Being  German

Ralph Giordano

Second Guilt or the Burden of Being GermanDie zweite Schuld

Broschur, release: 16. January 2020

With the term “second guilt”, Ralph Giordano gets to the heart of the failure of German society after the Holocaust.

He examines what happened to the persecutors and deplores the sanctimonious and incomplete way Germany coped with its past, an approach that was based on amnesty for ...

We met in a Garden

Inga Humpe

We met in a GardenWir trafen uns in einem Garten

Broschur, release: 07. November 2019

Punk, Neue Deutsche Welle, techno and electropop: For decades, Inga Humpe has been one of the most innovative musicians in Germany. With 2raumwohnung, for twenty years now, together with Tommi Eckart, she has continuously been developing an excitingly intense and simultaneously laid-back ...

Vivaldi and His Daughters

Peter Schneider

Vivaldi and His DaughtersVivaldi und seine Töchter

gebunden mit SU, release: 07. November 2019

Venice in the early 18th century: Corruption and prostitution are rampant, the Carnival reflects the decadent society, opera as a show for the masses is just being invented on the city’s stages. And, in the midst of it all: a red-haired priest named Vivaldi, on his way to his true destiny. ...

How Hitler Invented the Skateboard

Danny Kringiel

How Hitler Invented the SkateboardWie Hitler das Skateboard erfand

Broschur, release: 07. November 2019

Did you know that Caesar founded FC Bayern München? That we have Stalin to thank for the “The X-Files”? Or that a flying cow made Viagra socially acceptable, that the invention of the light bulb turned Frank Sinatra into a deadly weapon and that Nietzsche wrote the official song for the ...

Magical Brittany

Jean-Luc Bannalec

Magical BrittanyMagische Bretagne

gebunden mit SU, release: 10. October 2019

The landscapes of Brittany are as diverse as they are breathtaking – which is why they play such an important role in the bestselling books of the Commissaire Dupin series. This high-quality illustrated volume by Jean-Luc Bannalec captures their magic.
The eccentric Commissaire ...

Take That

Anja Rützel

Take ThatAnja Rützel über Take That

Pappband, release: 10. October 2019

In 1996, Anja Rützel cried bitter tears twice: once when her favorite magazine Tempo was discontinued, and again when her favorite band Take That broke up. The split-up and happy reunion taught her everything she knows about hatred and reconciliation – and about growing up cool and ...