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The Valley in the Fog (Commissario Grauner 4)

Lenz Koppelstätter

The Valley in the Fog (Commissario Grauner 4)Das Tal im Nebel

Broschur, release: 10. January 2019

In his fourth case, Commissario Johann Grauner has to deal with dark forces that cause mayhem far beyond the borders of South Tyrol

In the late fall, when the fog hangs thick between the countless apple trees, the bodies of two women are discovered in the lowlands. No mayor or priest ...

Bitter Chocolate

Tom Hillenbrand

Bitter ChocolateBittere Schokolade

Broschur, release: 08. November 2018

Suspense, chocolate and crime – the perfect combination

Luxemburg chef Xavier Kieffer didn’t plan on seeing his old flame, the pastry chef Ketti Faber, ever again – he doesn’t particularly enjoy looking back on their time together in Paris. Yet when she invites him to see her ...

Who We Could Be

Robert Habeck

Who We Could BeWer wir sein könnten

Pappband, release: 08. October 2018

“How we speak determines who we are – also, and above all, in politics.”

In his new book, with intelligence, passion and clarity, Robert Habeck, the leader of Germany’s Green Party, examines the connection between language and politics, explores the difference between ...


Udo Lindenberg, Thomas Hüetlin


gebunden mit SU, release: 04. October 2018

"In old age, two things are important: radicalism and mastery."

Udo Lindenberg is the epic figure of German pop. He helped create a counterculture that influences the country to this day and changed it for the better. Until the mid-1970s, rock ’n’ roll was a purely Anglo-American ...

Twenty-four Doors

Klaus Modick

Twenty-four DoorsVierundzwanzig Türen

Broschur, release: 04. October 2018

A modern-day Christmas tale in 24 chapters

Things are tumultuous in the narrator’s home in the weeks leading up to Christmas: His two daughters are slowly reaching the age when Christmas wishes start getting expensive and the power of family rituals is beginning to wane. Yet the ...

Lotta School Bag - Going to School in a  Wheelchair

Sandra Roth

Lotta School Bag - Going to School in a WheelchairLotta Schultüte

gebunden mit SU, release: 04. October 2018

“I know Lotta is ready for the world. I just don’t know if the world is ready for Lotta.”

Lotta is six years old and can’t walk, see or speak. Her two-years-older brother Ben is convinced she’ll be a really good student someday. But what’s a good school for a child with ...

The Jewish Prompter

Adriana Altaras

The Jewish Prompter Die jüdische Souffleuse

gebunden mit SU, release: 04. October 2018

“Fate has a great sense of humor”

The first-person narrator of this novel is called Adriana Altaras and, with tragicomic charm, she describes the absurdities of daily life in the theater, an unexpected family reunion and why the Shoah, the tragedy of the 20th century, is at the ...

The Missing Hour

Dinah Marte Golch

The Missing HourDie fehlende Stunde

Broschur, release: 04. October 2018

An unusual investigator-duo: brusque chief inspector Sigi Kamm and psychologist Alicia Behrens don’t care much for conventions

On a hot July day in the middle of the summer holidays, two children disappear while playing in the woods. Shortly afterwards, a man dies when his rundown ...