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Midsummer Bonfire (Perez 4)

Yann Sola

Midsummer Bonfire (Perez 4)Johannisfeuer

Broschur, release: 09. May 2019

The fourth case for amateur investigator and small-time-crook Perez

Recklessly, couch potato Perez has promised his stepdaughter that he will climb with her to the top of the Canigou near Perpignan in late June, when a midsummer bonfire and fabulous party are held at the summit. While ...

My Grandmother’s Braid

Alina Bronsky

My Grandmother’s BraidDer Zopf meiner Großmutter

gebunden mit SU, release: 09. May 2019

*My grandmother, my grandfather, his lover and I –
a wickedly humorous novel about an idiosyncratic yet extremely loveable family*

“I can remember the moment my grandfather fell in love perfectly. It was clear that my grandmother wasn’t supposed to get wind of it. She had ...

Love in Lourdes

Sophie von Maltzahn

Love in LourdesLiebe in Lourdes

gebunden mit SU, release: 09. May 2019

A subtly ironic novel about the longing for spirituality and mysticism in our times

Following a long-established tradition, the aristocracy makes its pilgrimage to Lourdes year after year, accompanying sick children to this site of miracles. This journey in the service of the most ...

Lost in Fuseta – White Cargo (Leander Lost 3)

Gil Ribeiro

Lost in Fuseta – White Cargo (Leander Lost 3)Weiße Fracht

Flexcover, release: 11. April 2019

The third case for Leander Lost, the German inspector with Asperger’s on loan to the Portuguese police

Two people – seemingly unconnected to each other at first – are suddenly murdered, stumping Leander Lost’s team. As if this was not enough, Lost is confused in matters of ...

GRM / Brainfuck

Sibylle Berg

GRM / BrainfuckGRM

Pappband, release: 11. April 2019

“Maybe the individual was never important. It just wasn’t quite as obvious as it is now.”

This is a manifesto for fury, for escape, for individual revolt, it is the story of four kids from highly unstable homes in one of the bleakest regions in England, the deindustrialised ...

Mario Adorf. Encore!

Tim Pröse

Mario Adorf. Encore!Mario Adorf. Zugabe!

gebunden mit SU, release: 07. March 2019

The life story of the great actor

As he approaches the age of 90, Mario Adorf looks back on an adventurous life full of triumphs at the theater, in movies and on TV. The result of numerous, intense conversations between Adorf and the author Tim Pröse, this book takes stock of the life ...

Old White Men. An Attempt at Conciliation

Sophie Passmann

Old White Men. An Attempt at Conciliation Alte weiße Männer

Broschur, release: 07. March 2019

At what point do you become an old white man? And might it be possible to avoid becoming one?

Sophie Passmann belongs to a new generation of young feminists – women who are proud, loud and independent. They want to become CEOs or housewives, have children or careers or both. And they ...