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The World Explorer. In Search of Georg Forster

Frank Vorpahl

The World Explorer. In Search of Georg Forster Der Welterkunder

gebunden mit SU, release: 08. March 2018

Georg Forster is one of the most fascinating figures in German intellectual history. He sailed around the globe, was a revolutionary, freethinker, naturalist and philosopher. His life was as dramatic as it was rich; already as a young man, he traveled with James Cook, joined in proclaiming ...

The Big Plan. Dengler's ninth case

Wolfgang Schorlau

The Big Plan. Dengler's ninth caseDer große Plan

Flexcover, release: 08. March 2018

At the heart of Dengler’s ninth case is the question: In what accounts did the billions in European tax money that were allegedly used for the “rescue of Greece” really end up?

The lean years are over! At least that’s how it feels to the private investigator Georg Dengler. For ...

Fuck Beauty!

Nunu Kaller

Fuck Beauty! Fuck Beauty!

Broschur, release: 11. January 2018

Too fat? Too thin? Too unfeminine? Too much? Too loud? Too clumsy? It’s hard to believe, but 96 percent of all women worldwide think there’s something wrong with them; only four percent believe they are truly beautiful. What in the world is going on here?

Nunu Kaller also knows ...

The Togetherness Of Loners

Joachim Meyerhoff

The Togetherness Of Loners Die Zweisamkeit der Einzelgänger

gebunden mit SU, release: 09. November 2017

In his fourth autobiographically tinted novel, Meyerhoff tells of his alter ego’s struggles with love as he gets entangled in simultaneous relationships with a student, a dancer and a baker. Physically and logistically, he can barely juggle all the events in his love life, but despite all ...

Our Empty Hearts. On Literature

Thomas Hettche

Our Empty Hearts. On LiteratureUnsere leeren Herzen

Leinen, release: 09. November 2017

Unsere leeren Herzen (“Our Empty Hearts”) continues the essayistic-narrative explorations that Thomas Hettche began in Fahrtenbuch (“Logbook”) and Totenberg – and thus his intellectual autobiography, which also comprises his highly acclaimed work as a novelist.

Without ...