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The World Explorer. In Search of Georg Forster

Frank Vorpahl

The World Explorer. In Search of Georg Forster Der Welterkunder

gebunden mit SU, release: 08. June 2017

Georg Forster is one of the most fascinating figures in German intellectual history. He sailed around the globe, was a revolutionary, freethinker, naturalist and philosopher. His life was as dramatic as it was rich; already as a young man, he traveled with James Cook, joined in proclaiming ...

Hotel Laguna, Mallorca. My Family at the Beach

Alexander Gorkow

Hotel Laguna, Mallorca. My Family at the Beach Hotel Laguna

Leinen, release: 11. May 2017

It has been an eventful eternity since Alexander Gorkow was last on Majorca, in the small bay of Canyamel, where he spent formative childhood vacations in the late 1960s. After more than three decades, the well-traveled author and journalist asks himself: Whatever became of Canyamel? ...

Club of the Steadfast

Peter Schneider

Club of the Steadfast Club der Unentwegten

gebunden mit SU, release: 11. May 2017

For the widower Roland, an independent academic with a research fellowship at NYU, the business with women isn’t really an issue anymore. But when he meets Leyla at a memorial service in Manhattan, things suddenly look very different. Roland thinks he knows exactly what is and isn’t okay ...

Lost in Fuseta

Gil Ribeiro

Lost in Fuseta Lost in Fuseta

Flexcover, release: 31. March 2017

The brilliant start of a crime series featuring Leander Lost – the inspector who can’t lie

Faro, Portugal. Assistant inspector Rosado and her colleague Esteves welcome a lanky guy in a black suit: chief inspector Leander Lost from Hamburg, who will be serving with the Polícia ...

All a Lie

Joachim Lottmann

All a LieAlles Lüge

Broschur, release: 09. March 2017

A marital quarrel in Athens, in the midst of the euro crisis, turns the life of Johannes Lohmer, a romantic Viennese, into a politicized fever dream. While his wife Harriet, a committed leftist journalist, enthusiastically provides refugee assistance, Lohmer fears the global advance of ...