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Breton Cookbook

Jean-Luc Bannalec

Breton Cookbook Bretonisches Kochbuch

Leinen, release: 10. November 2016

A cookbook full of atmosphere: featuring all of Commissaire Dupin’s favorite dishes – and much more!

Commissaire Dupin loves the fabulous variety of Breton cuisine. The Amiral in Concarneau – which Georges Simeon already chose as a setting for his Maigret novels – is his ...

Lunapark (Gereon Rath 6)

Volker Kutscher

Lunapark (Gereon Rath 6)Lunapark

gebunden mit SU, release: 10. November 2016

Berlin, late May 1934. Initial enthusiasm for the Hitler administration is waning, the unpredictable Stormtroopers (SA, or Brownshirts) are starting to scare many citizens.The body of a member of the SA is found, apparently beaten to death, though as it turns out he choked on a glass eye. At ...

The Gray of the Caroline Islands

Klaus Modick

The Gray of the Caroline Islands Das Grau der Karolinen

Broschur, release: 13. October 2016

The Hamburg-based graphic designer Michael Jessen is single, drives a sports car and is a rising star in his field. He’s at work on a new campaign when a picture from a junk shop totally throws him off track: Two red double-decker airplanes against a gray background inspire him to make an ...

God’s Judges. The Church’s Secret Trials

Eva Müller

God’s Judges. The Church’s Secret Trials Richter Gottes

Flexcover, release: 13. October 2016

It sounds medieval, but it’s happening today: In its own judicial system, the Church is at once prosecutor, investigator and judge.

“Did you use contraception during coitus? How often did you engage in marital relations? Did you already suspect prior to getting married that you ...